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Five TV-portraits about STEFAN PASBORG on DR-K (National Danish Broadcasting Company)

The National Danish TV-channel about culture (DR-K) has been broadcasting 5 programs about me during the last part of 2012.

These 5 episodes contains clips with many of various projects, and the programs are recorded in various places, and includes both recording-sessions and concerts.

Episode 1: Concerts w/ Pasborg’s ODESSA XL  and Ibrahim Electric w/ Majid Bekkas & Abdelfattah Houssaini

Episode 2: Concerts w/ Pasborg’s STAX-tribute and Enrico Pieranunzi trio feat. Lundgaard and Pasborg

Episode 3: Recording-session w/ ”Free Moby Dick” and ”Firebirds & other Species”

Episode 4: Concerts w/ Pasborg & Dahl – Duo and Pasborg, Mikkelborg, Kjellberg with Søe Hansen String Quartet

Episode 5: Recording-session w/ Stefan Pasborg & Alex Riel ”Another Universe”

You can view all 5 of these episodes on this site under the menu ”PASBORG ON DR-K”

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