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The new album by Stefan Pasborg and Carsten Dahl – ”Live at SMK” – receives fantastic reviews from a.o. USA, Germany, Norway and Denmark:

”Drummer Pasborg and pianist Dahl are pro’s pros, and have carved out a name for themselves in the European and Danish jazz scenes (and, actually, in this column over the years). This energetic set was recorded live at a performance at Copenhagen’s Statens Museum for Kunst, and all the energy from a live show comes right through on the recorded medium. The duo setting provides an intimate experience, but the electricity they generate radiates something far more extroverted. Some real cerebral moments on this album, challenging in their way, but easy to connect with” – Wonderingsound, USA

”This is extremely beautiful and creative music from two Danish kings and two of Europe’s most creative minds and fingers …. Putting together a duo with the Danish drummer Stefan Pasborg and countryman, pianist Carsten Dahl was a wise decision. These are two of Denmark’s most active musicians, who are also two of the best players on each instrument in Europe nowadays” – Salt Peanuts, Norway

”Grandiose dänische Jazzmusiker mit extravaganter, besonderer Handschrift, deren Engagements in vielfache stilistische Richtungen reichen.
Während Carsten Dahl starke neumusikalische Akzente setzt und dies klassisch handwerklich tut, ist es das radikale Abstraktionsverständnis Stefan Pasborgs, mit dem er sein Instrument zu spielen weiß. So verweben sich unterschiedliche Denk- und Spielweise in hier natürlich fließende, dort abstrakt kantige Motive, die in laszive Melancholien sehnen oder rasant forsch zu emotionalen Höhenflügen ansetzen, in denen beider Spiel dynamisch hart und krass amelodisch werden kann” – Ragazzi-music, Germany

“Duoen bevæger sig på nogle af de samme stier som kendes fra Keith Jarrett. Det er ikke helt det samme. Der er mere anarki og vilter nordisk ubundethed i musikken. Pasborg og Dahl er i et mestermøde omkring time, klang, tone og puls.” – JazzNyt, DK

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